* Covid-19 Ceremony *  

$225 (Paypal Invoice) 

  I. Benediction
 II. Scripture Reading - Love is Patient
III. Declaration of Intention
IV. Vows
 V. Declaration of Marriage

VI. Marriage Blessing

VII. Proclamation and Introduction

 VI. Filing the Marriage License 

* Covid protocol observed * 

The Knot

Fantastic Experience working with Rev. DiBartolo

I recently connected with Rev. DiBartolo to perform a small wedding ceremony for my grandfather during the Covid pandemic. He was very easy to communicate with and we extremely flexible (as we had to move our date last minute) and professional. He performed a beautiful ceremony outdoors as we all took the necessary precautions. I would highly recommend him to others looking to plan an officiant for their wedding. 

Nicole , married on 07/20/2020: 
Rating: 5 of 5


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​​Covid Remote Video Weddings

On April 18, 2020 Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order permitting wedding officiants to use video technology to solemnize weddings remotely via Zoom or WhatsApp during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
It is your responsibility  to download and read  Governor Cuomo's executive order.  Please Google EO_202.20 pdf or go to www.governor.ny.gov/news for more details.  The order is effective until May 18, 2020.


The following is a summary of the executive order as I understand it. It is meant for guidance

only and is not intended to supersede, amend, or change Governor Cuomo’s executive order.

 Rev. Anthony Di Bartolov

Governor Cuomo’s executive order states in part, while maintaining social distancing, that:  
.   the 60 day expiration of use limitation on marriage licenses is waived,
.   the fees for a second marriage license that has expired are waived,    
.   the couple must present valid IDs whenever required by law,
.   the video must provide for direct interaction between the couple, the witnesses and the                         officiant,

.   the couple must physically be in a local jurisdiction within the State of New York, 
.   the couple must transmit a legible copy of the signed marriage license to local jurisdiction, 
           to the witnesses (in another location under social  distancing), and to the

           person solemnizing the marriage on the same date that it was signed,
.   the witnesses and the officiant must sign and transmit their document back to clerk 
           who is responsible for the document by law,
.   all parties, to the best abilities, must ensure confidentiality when transmitting their  

           documents back to the local jurisdiction,
.   the electrically signed copy of the marriage license will be the official marriage document 
                  for the purposes of the Domestic Relations Law, and 
.   the local town and city clerks may provide additional guidance as to how

                  marriages licenses and issuance will be implemented in their jurisdiction.

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      remote video wedding plans.